Can You Transfer Money From a Gift Card to a Debit Card or Bank ?

With the changing landscape of mobile technologies and social media platforms in doing business, gift cards have not left any stone upturned in the ongoing transformation.

Being one of the popular means for both retailers and consumers, the method of redeeming, purchase, and distribution has seen a drastic change.

Facing issues with your shopping or want to gift someone? Gift cards can be the best way to be turned into cash. Did you know that you can trade gift cards in for cash or use it to gain points for saving your bucks?


So, Can You Transfer Money From a Gift Card to a Debit Card ?

If you are planning to send directly to your debit card through your bank account then you have mistaken. 99% of brands gift cards won’t allow you to do this directly.

However there are few proven steps you can give a try on.


  1. Sell Your Gift Cards

If you are in dilemma about how selling can help you to convert it into cash then let us enlighten you with the fact that numerous websites can help you in the purchase of your gift cards. You can rely on websites such as CardCash, Giftcard Zen, Raise, and Cardpool that commit to purchasing your card. There are few options for mobile apps that welcome you to send your card in. However, these companies cut off 15% of the value of the card as their commission. Still not comfortable with selling to a website or app? How about your friends? They might want to purchase it from you and this can be one of the reliable sources to go ahead with.


  1. Trade-In and Cash In

So, you have a few unused gift cards lying around? How about using a Coinstar Exchange kiosk? Just go and swipe the gift card and here you go! Kiosks are located in several chain grocery stores. Do not forget that you won’t redeem the whole value of the card as the offer from such a swipe will be 60-85% of the balance of the gift card.

One of the easiest and fastest means of getting your cash from a gift card is through the Gift Card Exchange kiosk. Insert your card information into the kiosk and you get the option to accept or reject the offer that the kiosk provides you. In case you are unaware of the Gift Card Exchange Kiosk, then just surf the internet for the nearest location.

Another best way for trading your gift card is by exchanging it to stores. You can do this online. In some cases, you might not like the gift card from a particular store then you get a choice to exchange it from your favorite store. Go for the website CardCash to make your exchange easier.


  1. Use Your Card in Other Ways

You can enjoy rewards toward purchase from the gift card in case you do not receive cash. Look for grocery stores, drugstores, or gas station with a reward program which will help you gain a point for your future purchases.


  1. Regifting & Donating It

If you have an unused gift card and do not want it too long then you can use it to purchase a gift for someone else. Make sure about the use of the card first before gifting it to someone else.

One of the substantial & generous steps you can take is donating your gift card to someone needy or a charity. You can donate the remaining amount even if it has been used by you. You can get several websites that provide you with choices of donating the gift card which in return gives you a receipt of your donation.

Feel free to check gift card balance online with our site.

So, thumbs up! We have taken you in an imaginative new direction, turning your unused or unwanted gift cards into cash to save money. Hope you find the answer for the question ” Can You Transfer Money From a Gift Card to a Debit Card ?

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