How Do I Check My Gift Card Balance? Online & Offline Methods

How do I check my gift card balance

Imagine that you are out for shopping and have picked whatever you want from a store. Now, when you reach the payment counter, the cashier informs you that the balance in the gift card is insufficient. How would it feel? Embarrassing right? This will happen when you plan to use your gift card without acknowledging its spending limit. Luckily gift cards come with the facility of checking balance like normal visa or debit cards. If you are among those who want to get the balance query done then you can confirm it with the card’s website or call and visit the physical location.


So, how do I check gift card balance by online & offline ?

We have provided guidance below to make your balance inquiry easy.


On the backside of your card at the bottom, you will usually get instructions on checking the balance online with a website link. Do not go with such sites that are proven to be scammers and are not affiliated with gift card companies. When you enter the website, you will require to fill the fields for information that are asked. After the submission of the required information, you will be forwarded to the page reflecting the balance on your gift card. You might need to redo the whole process again if there is some error or glitch in between. Sometimes some gift cards do not have the website link on their backside.



As we discussed above that sometimes you might not get the website link so in such cases call the toll-free number given on the card. Your call might get forwarded to an agent or an automated phone system. You will be asked your card details while on call which is the expiration date of your card, card number, and your birth date. Information might differ according to your gift cards. After filling in the details following an automated system and talking to the representative, you will get the balance details. While on call, the customer service will be able to direct you to the balance inquiry phone number. We would recommend you to jolt down or save it so that you can know how much you can spend from the card.



You can also visit a physical special store in such cases when your gift card is from a particular company. When you visit any particular store of the gift card, you can hand over the card to the representative or the cashier of the store. The concerned person will scan the card so that they can instruct you with your queries. The store can help you to know the balance on your gift card and that too free of cost. We would highly recommend you get a printed receipt in case you get your queries from a physical store. This will be helpful for your future shopping in case you forget the total balance that is remained on the card.


So, how simple was that? Gone are days when you have to go through lengthy processes to know the balance of your card. Now with these few steps, you can get to know the balance with the comfort of your house. We know some cases might need to visit a store however that is also hassle-free. And yes, never rush for shopping and shop like never before without even knowing your balance. For your last-minute awkwardness, we believe that our guidance would help you to check your gift card balance easily.


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