How to Buy a Gift Card with a Gift Card

If you are the one who doesn’t even know what a gift card is, Watch out with all attention.

A gift card is a card which you can exchange for money (Here it’s about real cash) which you get as a gift from the store or by purchasing it, depends on which one you want.

As you are going to buy one, you need to gather some information.

Does it have types?

It has, basically here we are going to discuss two of them.

  • Closed Gift cards- (Simply saying)can be used to the charged departments only.
  • Open Gift cards- (again simply saying) can be used like real cash anywhere at any store or online payments.

Here you got some over the table knowledge about these two. For more search them. Now let show some light on the main topic for which we are here.

Need a Gift Card Through Another Gift Card?

That’s why you are here Because you want it. (Stupid question)


But Why?

In this session, we are going to discuss the need to exchange a Gift card ( You can check balance online for free using our site).

  • To divide one into many – Having a Gift card with a high value is sometimes a headache. You need only a few pieces of stuff of need but have to purchase more to counter the amount written on the Gift card. To make it worth.
  • To change the service – You have a Gift card of a service that you know you will never need or it’s not of your interest. What are you going to do then? ” exchange right ” That’s what, you can change your previous Gift card and take the one of your in trust.

And much more stuff.

So now, let’s dive into the reason you all are here.


How and where?

It is a good title as it was going to be your question you are searching for here.

Firstly, we are going to answer “HOW?



As explained previously, this question depends on which one you are choosing.

  • For closed one-Its rather harsh. You can change your Gift card from where you got it. Now ask them to change.

Well, rules about closed Gift cards depends on the store. They can offer you to do this else you will get out of your store with a previous Gift card and a sad face.


  • For open one – It’s a sure thing. As you are going to get in a store and then ask them to give you a Gift card. They can deduct the value from your Open Gift card. It’s that simple.

Now in the case of Open Gift cards, the reason to do the exchange might seem to be different. Like for donation purposes, when you have some value stuck in your Open Gift card and so many more.


Now from where

See if you are having Open Gift cards, you don’t even need to ask this as you can go anywhere with it to have a Gift card in exchange rest it depends on stores whether they accept or not.

We know everyone going to hate this even then a fact of reality. Every decision is up to the owners or the charges of the stores.

If you have a Closed Gift card, you must have to visit the store from where it is purchased like Starbucks and many more. Because in their case, it is just a marketing strategy to make their customers back again and again and willingly make them shop more and more.



Let’s compare some stuff

  • Open Gift card

1.Can be used anywhere.

2.Can be changed.

3.Takes some percentage when used.

4.Can be used on online platforms too.

5.Can choose which one you want.


  • Closed Gift card

1.Cannot be used anywhere.

2.Not easy to change.

3.Free to use.

4.Use online depends on the store.

5.Cannot be explicitly chosen.


We know it’s sad that for someone else deeds, we honest peoples have to face problems but that reality undenied. These strict rules about Gift cards are made due to the purchasing process of Gift cards by robbed credit cards. Which makes it difficult for the cops to deal with.

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