Is It Safe To Send Gift Cards In The Mail ? – Best Tips To Note

Sending gifts to our loved ones is an essential part of showing affection. Whether it is a gift card by mail or a handmade present, both are equally considered gifts.

Often people are worried that is it safe to send a gift card in the mail?

Yes, it is safe to send gift cards in mails. Let us understand the whole process of sending gift cards in the mail.

Do you know sending gift cards in the mail is the easiest and affordable option than sending someone a huge present via courier?

Sometimes it can be challenging to find accurate presents for picky and often reject things brought by you. So why not gift them gift cards that can fit your budget and choices of your loved ones.

There are various mailing services available in the market which can help in saving money.

Sometimes words written in gift cards can be more precious than a considerable present. Certain measure you should keep in mind before sending gift cards in the mail-

  1.  It is mandatory to check the terms and conditions of the gift card before purchasing to see if you have options to replace it later.
  2. Always save the purchase receipt for future references.
  3. Try noting the card number and pin before mailing it. Keep this information safe.

Gift cards, unlike other digital transactions, can be lost, misplaced, or miss-delivered easily. You have to make sure that the provided information is correct, and also recheck it before mailing. One’s a gift card is lost, it is lost.

There is no chance of recovery. Some of the mailing agencies that help in mailing gift cards are USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. Every companies have different terms and conditions of their mailing process. USPS mailing service provides a priority mail flat rate box specially designed for them.

Whereas FedEx has a policy of sending mail gift cards as long as their declared value is less than 1000 dollars. There are a few necessary steps one should remember in sending gift cards by mail:

Step 1– Always keep in mind that your address and return address are written adequately along with your name on the gift card.

Step 2– Packaging of the gift card is an important step; you should never forget always bubble wrap the gift card before posting it.

Step 3– Make sure your gift card is packaged correctly and sealed not to be damaged in the process.

Step 4– After proper packaging, you should write your name along with the return address. Make sure not to use a pencil on the envelope.

Step 5– Place the stamp correctly and ask your mailing service about the conditions of your package’s safety.

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Sometimes taking extra majors beforehand will help you in the safe delivery of your gift card.

Hope you now got a clarity on how to send gifts cards via mail more safely!

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