Top 4 Food Chain Restaurants That Offers Customer Feedback Surveys, Gift Cards & Coupons

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Top 4 Food Chain Restaurants That Offers Gift Cards, Coupons & Customer Feedback Surveys

Best restaurants that offers gift cards, surveys & coupons are as follows:


1.) RedLobster

Your go-to destination for fresh and authentic seafood – Red Lobster serves seafood with a standard.

Red Lobster features a Today’s Catch menu showcasing the fresh produce on a regular basis so that you can gauge the hygiene standards and delish your favorite seafood options in bulk.

Choose between wild-caught fresh seafood or farm-raised preserved ones – the options are endless, each reaping their own benefits in taste, variety, and helping Red Lobster giving back to the ecosystem.

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2.) Hurricane Grill & Wings

Founded in 1995, the restaurant chain has expanded to Texas, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Kansas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona and Alabama. They have been franchised since 2005 and presently have fifty-five franchised units that are either under development or open.

With seventy-one locations open in Florida and fifteen in the United States, Hurricane Grill & Walls in a chain of restaurants. Significantly popular for the flavour of food, they work hard to make sure that every customer gets the beach style and easy-going lifestyle in the absolute form of a peaceful dining atmosphere.

Join Hurricane Grill & Wings with families and friends, to enjoy the remarkable life of flavour. It is ideal for visitors and regulars and has award-winning and quality sourced wings. The bar has a plethora of beers.

The signature products and distinctive features

The signature products include custom craft burgers, large beer selection, seafood entrees, tasty tacos, shareable starters and tropical drinks in locations that have full bars. This Florida-based restaurant is famous for its tropical, laid-back vibe, thirty-five signature rubs and sauces, fresh wings and jumbos. It is typically a casual bar and restaurant for dining, featuring optima size depending on economics, clientele, configuration, space and climate.


3.) Pie Five Pizza

Situated in America, Pie Five Pizza is a casual restaurant chain of fast food. It specializes in personalized pizzas from each customer. The Rave Restaurant Group owns both Pie Five Pizza and Pizza Inn. More than fifty-six restaurant of Pie Five Pizzas are located in Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Florida, Delaware, California and Arkansas.

The concept behind Pie Five Pizza

The American restaurant was named for the idea of making a manual pizza in only five minutes. The menu here provides desserts, loaves of bread, calzones, salads, made-to-order standard and personal pizzas. The pizzas have beautifully melted, never frozen, freshly shredded and real block mozzarella cheese in them. Pie Five Pizzas in many states also serve beer.

They are all about handmade quality food, made with good ingredients. But even though the foods are crafted by hand, they do not take a long time to prepare them. They make the fresh pizza dough every morning, chop the fresh vegetables from the garden by hand, and mix up their unique marinara sauce with packed and fresh tomatoes. Apart from that, they offer their customers with unlimited toppings. So, what is stopping you from trying out your new favourite pizza?


4.) Buffalo Wings & Rings

Sports in the USA will never be complete without chicken wings, and when we talk about chicken wings, there is nothing more iconic than Buffalo Wings. For more than 30 years, Buffalo Wings & Rings has been the very definition of a sports restaurant and bar. We provide everything America loves under one roof. Buffalo Wings & Rings has created the ideal atmosphere for friends and family to socialize and have dinner while watching their favourite sports.


How it All Began

Every success story has humble beginnings and our story starts in 1984 Cincinnati, Ohio. What was an up and coming restaurant that provided carefully prepared wings with homemade bleu cheese and homemade sauces soon became the talk of the town with its signature flavour. With the love from our loyal customers we grew and opened up stores across the country.

Over the next 30 years, Buffalo Wings & Rings opened stores all over the country as people welcomed the arrival of an American icon owned by American Businessmen. They refined the sports defining experience and made it the new trend for restaurants across the country.

After being recognized as one of the top 40 food franchises in the country in 2016, we have not looked back, instead worked on making our bonds with our communities stronger.

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